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Please be advised that deliveries can only be made up to 5 miles of the restaurant for a minimum order of £20. Alternatively you may order from our website for collection. all online orders are ready within 20mins (35mins if ordering the whole grilled fish). 

Thank You for your understanding.

– The Management


Tamar's Restaurant Woolwich

Tamar's Story

Tamar’s began as a mobile food business, supplying top-quality catering solutions to
private events and parties, as well as frequenting some of London’s hottest Nightclubs
from L. A Lounge to PierOne and many more. After establishing our grassroots
foundation amongst regular party goers and event’s organizers, we decided it was
time to expand and diversify our service offering. This decision led to the birth of
Tamar’s Restaurant and Wine Bar. As our growing presence and popularity within the
London community demanded a permanent venue, we decided to open our very own
restaurant right in the heart of Woolwich. So why Woolwich?
Well, to begin with, Woolwich has historically been a part of London that is rich with
African culture due to the numerous migrants that have settled in the area from our
beloved continent. With the times being as they currently are, we feel it is now more
important than ever to celebrate our heritage, our origins and our culture, and food is a
huge part of that. But another thing that makes Woolwich a unique location is that
over the past decade, it has become a diverse and multicultural place bringing together
people from all over the world. And at Tamar’s Restaurant, we believe that if
anything can bring people together, it’s great food, and so, we are committed to
serving authentic West-African cuisine to customers from all backgrounds and all
walks of life.
But don’t think that just because we have a global vision, we have forgotten our roots.
What make’s Tamar’s a unique choice in the African food market is our specially
curated selection of African delicacies which we guarantee you are not likely to find
in any other London location. For our strong, Ijebu warriors, we will be serving your
favourite homegrown dish – Ikokere – and before you say we are favouring Nigerians,
there will also be several fusion dishes on the menu including Cheb, a Gambian/
Senegalese dish colloquially known as ‘White Jollof’ and many more surprises to
come. So if you like what you hear, and you want to know more, come down to Spray
Street and see where the magic happens! We look forward to your visit.

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